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GML - Making the move into Telecoms

By admin - Date: 2001-11-30 13:43:56

GML is set to make serious inroads into the Telecommunications industry.
This was clear from the high level of interest at a featured educational
workshop held this past week in conjunction with the GIS Telecom 2001
conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Some 25 members were present from industry
leading organizations like U.K. Ordnance Survey, Korea Telecom, ETRI,
Swisscom, Mobitel and many others.

Ron Lake, GML creator and president of Galdos Systems, headed the workshop
and discussed how Geography Markup Language (GML) would impact the telecom
industry. The all-day course offered fundamental information on how this
XML for Spatial Data can be employed in the telecom environment.
Attendees of the course were impressed with GML's potential as a common
data transport for enterprise telecom applications and for location-based
services. Following the workshop, several positive comments were shared
amongst participants. GML is emerging as the key technology for bringing
spatial information to the telecommunications industry.

The next GML workshop will be held in Vancouver on the final day of the
OpenGIS December 2001 meeting. This program will consist of two half-day
sessions, one devoted to XML and its applications in the Geo-spatial industry,
and one providing a foundation in GML.

For information on GML and the various workshops being offered, please
visit www.galdosinc.com.



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