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발표 자료

Open Source XML Database Toolkit: Resources and Techniques for Improved Development

by Liam Quin Avg. Customer Review: Usually ships in 24 hours

GML 2.0 (발표자 : 김동오)
Open GIS simple feature for OLE/COM (발표자 : 장염승)

수업 발표 자료
Chapter 1 Just enough XML
Chapter 2 Client/Server Architecture
Chapter 3 Just enough SQL
Chapter 4 Generating XML from Relation Data
Chapter 5 Reading XML into a Program
Chapter 6 XML Database Application
Chapter 7 What is a Document?
Chapter 8 XML Repositories and Database
Chapter 9 Implementation Strategies
Chapter 10 Introduction to Object-Oriented Database
Chapter 11 XML as Classes and Objects
Chapter 12 Dynamic Hashing : ndbm
Chapter 13 Text Retrieval Technology Overview
Chapter 14 XQL, XLink, XPath, and XPointer Explained
Chapter 15 Hybrid Approaches
Chapter 16 Just Enough Metadata
Chapter 17 Storing Links and Metadata
Chapter 18 Sketches from the Forge:Sample Application

권외 자료 XML Repository 기술의 현황과 추세

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