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File Structures: An Object-Oriented Approach with C++, 3/e
Michael J. Folk, University of Illinois Bill Zoellick, CAP Ventures Greg Riccardi, Florida State University
강의자료 데이터 전문가의 길

Chapter 0 화일구조와 성능평가
Chapter 1 Introduction to Design and Specification of File Structures
Chapter 2 Fundamental File Processing Operations
Chapter 3 Secondary Storage and System Software
Chapter 4 Fundamental File Structure Concepts
Chapter 5 Managing Files of Records
Chapter 6 Organizing Files for Performance
Chapter 7 Indexing
Chapter 9 Multilevel Indexing and B-trees
Chapter 10 Indexed Sequential File Access and Prefix B+ trees
Chapter 11 Storage and File Structure
Chapter 12 Indexing and Hashing

부록 :
       - Appendix의 소스 : win32용, unix용
       - 보충 자료 : File Management & Physical Database Implementation
   - Delete&Avail Record 소스 파일 : Delete&Avail Record.zip

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