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발표 자료
Spatial Databses: Technologies, Techniques and Trends
Yannis Manolopoulos
Apostolos N. Papadopulos
Michael Gr. Vassilakopoulos

Chapter 1 Survey on Spatial Data Modelling Approaches
Chapter 2 Integrating Web Data and Geographic Knowledge into Spatial Databases [참고자료]
Chapter 3 Object-Relational Spatial Indexing
Chapter 4 Quadtree-Based Image Representation and Retrieval
Chapter 5 Indexing Multi-Dimensional Trajectories for Similarity Queries
Chapter 6 Approximate Computation of Distance-Based Queries
Chapter 7 Spatial Joins: Algorithms, Cost Models and Optimization
Chapter 8 Applications of Moving Objects Databases [추가자료]
Chapter 9 Simple and Incremental Nearest-Neighbor Search in Spatio-Temporal Databases
Chapter 10 Management of Large Moving Objects Databases: Indexing, Benchmarking and Uncertainty in Movement Representation
Chapter 11 Spatio-Temporal Prediction Using Data Mining Tools
Chapter 12 Mining in Spatio-Temporal Databases
Chapter 13 Similarity Learning in GIS: An Overview of Definitions, Prerequisites and Challenges